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I love this book and I plan to buy others by T.L. Johnson for my 3 month old son. He loves story time and I’m enjoying building his library. I finished the book feeling inspired and empowered

Los Angeles, CA

As the parent of three boys, this book is a blessing from God. There are lessons that any person will learn and enjoy with this story. Johnson is definitely a storyteller to look out for.

Joseph Jefferson III
Sacremento, CA

My daughters loved this book. It made them feel special it also reinforced what I always tell them. "love who you are". I teach my girls to appreciate the beauty within them and to have a book with a beautiful brown girl teaching them the same thing is amazing. Great job T.L Johnson!

Kanesha C.
Houston, Tx

My daughter loves this book! Rich colors, great page quality and I personally loved sharing a book with the theme of female empowerment with my little girl!

Debrora Lee
New York City, NY

Representation is extremely important to us, so we are always excited when we find books about black boys. This book encourages boys to be smart. It points out their many talents, while pointing out the power of using their brain! 🖤🖤🖤 LOVE!

Joel McCray
Detroit, MI

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The Royal Flush
The Royal Flush
The Royal Flush
The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush

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Give your kids the gift of learning and fun with Mini Monarch's Royal Flush bundle! This exclusive bundle includes all 5 Mini Monarch books, 3 exciting coloring books, and an activity book packed with educational games and puzzles.

Your child will be engaged for hours with Mini Monarch's relatable characters and stories that promote literacy and self-esteem. The Royal Flush bundle offers an immersive experience that inspires children to learn, grow, and dream big.

With diverse representation and culturally relevant content, the Royal Flush bundle is the perfect addition to your family's bookshelf. Share the joy of reading with your child and watch as they flourish into confident readers and learners.

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